About Us

For over 20 years Fine Gold Jewellers has been providing quality gold and gemstone jewellery throughout retail locations all across Ontario. With 2 locations in major shopping centers in Ontario, Fine Gold Jewellers has been dedicated to serving its customers with care and thoughtfulness.

Founded as a family business, Fine Gold Jewellers works with clients to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed. Whatever your budget or design idea, your individual needs will be met.

Fine Gold Jewellers owns and operates a manufacturing facility where we can custom make any design you have in mind. Able to cut out the middle man and save you both time and money, Fine Gold Jewellers offers a wide range of gold and gemstone jewellery at exceptional prices. With the flexibility to custom make any designs chosen, we can leverage our years of retail and manufacturing experience to make sure your purchase is special.

Exceptional value and selection have always been key points of difference for Fine Gold Jewellers.


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